VERKOKAPPA Tesla Heads up Display Mini HUD Model 3/Y 2019-2023 Embedded Design LCD HD Speedometer Display Speed (X2)

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Safe Driving: Hidden HUD Specially Designed for Tesla Model 3/Y, which can Synchronize Driving Data in Real Time, Making Driving Safer.
Real-time data: Speed, Gear, Turn Signal, Battery Power, Door Reminder, Real-time Display of Basic Driving Data.
Non-destructive Installation: Simple Installation, Hidden Installation,No Drilling, No Need to Damage the Cable, and will not Damage the Original Car Structure. Refer to the Installation Video & Documentation, Install it yourself, and complete it in 10-15 Minutes.
Simple Design: The Product is Small, Only 1.33 Inches, which Solves the Problem of Blocking the Wind of the Air Conditioner. The Display Only Shows You the Necessary Information, Simple and Safe.
Anti-fog and Waterproof: Use High-quality Hardware and Waterproof Glue to Avoid Circuit Damage from Moisture. It can Prevent Water Fog and Ensure Clear Data Display, Stable and Reliable.
OEM design: It is designed according to the original car data, which is simple and beautiful, does not block the line of sight, and can be embedded perfectly.
Compatible and Stable: Compatible with Left-hand Drive & Right-hand Drive. The Minimalist System will not cause System Compatibility Problems, and is Stable and Reliable.
Good Gift: If your Family and Friends Own a Tesla, it would be a Suitable Gift.
After-sales Guarantee: If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will help you solve the problem.
Price Protection Policy: 30-day Price Protection Policy, if there is a Price Problem, please contact the After-sales Service, we will deal with it immediately.