Head-up display for Tesla MODEL3/Y

        Why choose our product, because our product supports wireless carplay, Android auto, multiple interfaces, multiple data combinations, bright screen colors, high restoration, good display effect, original car agreement, mobile phone interconnection, non-destructive installation, and good compatibility , Stable performance, regular updates, and a professional R&D team.

        Our head-up display has the same design style as the original car’s display. It is integrated into the original car’s interior. The original car’s sockets are docked and can be installed without breaking the wire. You only need to remove the trim strips of the original car’s instrument panel and install it on the hole without destroying the original car. The car line does not affect the warranty.

        It is safer to travel without bowing your head. You can know the clear data on the instrument screen without turning your head to look at the central control, ensuring the safety of driving vision and improving the safety of travel. The display function on the instrument screen is the same as that of the original car, and it is also displayed simultaneously.

        Brand new upgrade, convenient travel, good experience and safe driving.