VERKOKAPPA Tesla Heads up Display Mini HUD Model 3/Y 2019-2023 Embedded Design HD Speedometer Display Speed (T5)

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Safe Driving: Hidden HUD Specially Designed for Tesla Model 3/Y, which can Synchronize Driving Data in Real Time, Making Driving Safer.
Real-time data: Speed, Car Gear, Turn Signal, Battery Power, Door Reminder, Seat Belt Reminder, Real-time Display of Basic Driving Data.
Non-destructive Installation: Simple Installation, Hidden Installation,No Drilling, No Need to Damage the Cable, and will not Damage the Original Car Structure. Refer to the Installation Video & Documentation, Install it yourself, and complete it in 10-15 Minutes.
Special function: The brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the parameters of the central control screen to make the data display clear and more comfortable to watch.
Anti-fog and Waterproof: Use High-quality Hardware and Waterproof Glue to Avoid Circuit Damage from Moisture. It can Prevent Water Fog and Ensure Clear Data Display, Stable and Reliable.
OEM design: It is designed according to the original car data, which is simple and beautiful, does not block the line of sight, and can be embedded perfectly.
Compatible and Stable: Compatible with Left-hand Drive & Right-hand Drive. The Minimalist System will not cause System Compatibility Problems, and is Stable and Reliable.
Good Gift: If your Family and Friends Own a Tesla, it would be a Suitable Gift.
After-sales Guarantee: If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will help you solve the problem.
Price Protection Policy: 30-day Price Protection Policy, if there is a Price Problem, please contact the After-sales Service, we will deal with it immediately.